Other Writing Projects

In addition to my academic writings, I’ve written for the Harvard Gazette, the Harvard Independent, and Sports Illustrated.  Below you will find clips from some of my other writing projects.

From Harvard to the NFL | Harvard Gazette

10 Athletes Who Are Also Bachelors

Now that the Bachelorette’s Josh Murray is taken, here are ten other athletes who are also bachelors (I wrote this piece while interning for Sports Illustrated during the summer of 2014)

Under-21 and Done

New York for the young and fun

Coming to the End

Harvard Men’s Volleyball has a bittersweet end to their season

Set to Win

Harvard Men’s Volleyball continues its home-game win streak

The Comeback Kids

Harvard Men’s Basketball reappears in the March Madness Tournament

Mather House: Harvard Housing Day 2014

Working with Keylatch

Reflection on my work with the Keylatch Summer Program in 2013

The Crimson defeats Dartmouth with clutch kicking.

Harvard beats Dartmouth during my first hockey game

Radcliffe Rugby defeats Princeton

The Phillips Brooks House Association invites Shaun Donovan as the guest speaker in their annual Robert Coles Call of Service Lecture

Harvard Football defeats Brown in their Ivy League opener

Shut Up and Ruck

Women’s Rugby makes history with first varsity game

Summer of Service: Working with Keylatch, pt. 2

This is a recap of my summer with Keylatch on the Harvard Institute of Politics’ blog

Summer of Service: Working with Keylatch

This is a blog post I wrote for the Harvard Institute of Politics introducing my summer with Keylatch

Anatomy of the Athlete

Harvard Men’s Volleyball’s genetic disposition for success


How one Harvard football player maintains his physical and mental health